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Logic Pro X OPTION + DRAG REGION strange behavior


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Dear friends,


i have recently upgraded my setup and updated Logic Pro X from 10.4. to 10.7.2.


Immediately I encountered strange behavior of OPTION+DRAG REGION command to copy and drag region to the place I need — instead of just copying the region once, it copies twice - first to the place i OPTIONDRAG it and one more copy right at cursor position.. Then i found out, that even if I select a region and just press OPTION key, it copies the region immediately to the cursor position. I could not find this strange OPTION key behavior at "Logic hotkey manager".


It makes so much pain during the work, so I kindly ask you to help me to resolve this unpleasant case.


I appreciate your recent answer.


Setup: Macbook Pro 16 2019, Logic pro X 10.7.2.

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thanks a lot, David!


Yes, I do have an external apple magic keyboard and logitech MX 2S mouse (it has a utility, but it doesn't seem to have any hotkeys with OPTION key). I would point the attention, that in Logic, even if I select region and press OPTION key only - it copies the region immediately to the cursor..

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If you disconnect the mouse, does it still do it?


My guess so far is that your issue is related to the Logitech utility (unless you have some other kind of input device utility that may be modifying the behavior of your Option key), and I would try to uninstall it to see if you can get the expected behavior from your Option key.

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David, you were right - the issue was in app, that switched input language automatically - the hotkey fot it was exactly OPTION to change input language. As soon as I changed it to another key, everything now works good, so thanks a lot ! The topic can be closed.
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