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ES 2 Patch Auto Panning: Wish To Turn Off


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Hey guys. I've got this ES 2 patch, kind of the centerpiece of a song, and I really like it. However, it seems to pan left and right, and I can't figure out why. I'm aware that in Retro Synth I can go to Settings> Stereo Spread and adjust, but not sure how to do that in this synth. It's not that it couldn't be useful at times for me; I just want to know how to select and control it. I saved and attached the actual setting, hoping to get a solution from you guys. Thank you in advance!

ES 2 .pst

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Thank you David, but would having it set to poly really cause it to pan around like that? I mean I've had patches I used for harmony in ES2 many times, obviously not set to mono since I played chords with it, and I didn't get this auto pan effect. It's not any other plugins; I disabled all of them to check.

I'm not sure why you're referring to Poly? I said it's the Unison setting that is creating the effect. Try turning off Unison (as I did on my previous screenshot), and you'll get a mono sound.

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