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Still on Mojave… should I upgrade?


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Hi, I think there are quite a few benefits. First of all you'd get the latest Logic Pro with all the amazing features that came out since 10.4. Also from a security standpoint I'd seriously recommend to upgrade at least to Catalina since Mojave doesn't get any security updates and has some publicly known exploits. Though the severity might differ based on what you do with your iMac (like "browsing the web" vs. "music production") and if it is connected to the Internet at all.


I run MacOS Big Sur on an older machine than yours and never encountered any problems. Big Sur is also really mature meanwhile.

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Sorry, I wasn't correct regarding the update situation of Mac OS Mojave. Mojave still receives updates until the next major version of Mac OS comes out.


You were correct the first time, Mojave is now more of a risk due to the lack of security updates, Catalina is still getting them. The other compelling reason is that more and more software may become incompatible due to the policy of supporting the current OS and one previous.

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I am almost universally a late adopter of MacOS versions. I feel like Apple usually breaks more stuff then they add, nearly every version...some versions are worse then others. That being said, I did find Catalina to be more performant then Mojave and liked it very very much. I have recently moved to Monterey and I am liking it also. Sooner or later you'll want to get to the latest version, i feel BigSur was a good one to skip personally.


I did lose some software with Catalina and again with Monterey due to non-compatibility. That is probably the biggest reason i tend to avoid upgrading until years later...because I don't want to give up software I am using. Catalina lost 32bit apps, and I did lose a couple apps, though it turned out that life went on and I adapted. Monterey did lose one of my favorite apps (TotalSpaces) which I am still groaning over every day I use my mac...but I guess I will have to move on from that too because next year Catalina will stop getting security updates also...

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