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Getting the spinning ball on every action [SOLVED]

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Researching it appears that this isn't something uncommon among many other users. My only problem is I can't find any definitive way of resolving the problem. Some have reported an upgrade of Logic but those upgrades mentioned preceded my current version (10.6.3). Others have reported that upgrading the OS has resolved the issue for them. But neither of those options are going to be viable for me. Besides this, I don't understand why all of the sudden the issue.


What I've done:


Consolidated files

Performed Project Cleanup

Removed plugins that had been causing Logic to Crash

Cleaned RAM (although there is 256GB and the system reports only 21% being utilized)

Checked available disk space

Rebooted the system

Disconnected from the Internet

Froze all MIDI tracks with VST's


Diagnostics show Logic using 208.5% of my CPU and Logic is virtually the only app running aside from my UAD software.

I have no clue what Logic is doing under the hood that it requires so much CPU suddenly for every moment within the UI but it's totally frustrating.


The only thing that has changed is that I've got the mix 99% of perfect the way I want it. LOL

Guess that's the problem?


Another thing I've noted is if I simply leave the session open but not interact with it for a while, everything again becomes very responsive. But the issue will return should I bounce down my mix. (Not including Audio tail, in Real-time and Normalization off)


After the bounce, I'm back at square one again.


Any suggestions?





So not certain why this resolved the issue and I hadn't seen any other similarly reported resolutions, which makes this type of performance issue particularly frustrating to resolve.

In my case, I noted several aux tracks that had plugins having the default blue color but the plugin names were ghosted out. Upon hovering over them it stated that the plugins would be loaded as needed during playback.


After identifying that there were no other tracks were using them, I simply deleted those Aux tracks and Voila! Performance was regained and no more spinning ball.

I would love to know why those seemingly disabled plugins in the Project would have impacted the performance though. Or could it be they weren't disabled but rather suspended???


This alludes me to believe that simply disabling a plugin has no real impact in gaining performance. Some explanation would be great though.


If anyone else experiences the issue, I guess this is just another consideration for possible resolution to be added to the bucket.


Found this article regarding the scenario I found where what is called "dynamic plugin loading" was being used; which in my case was the culprit. I didn't enable this but looks as though it's turn on by default.

I'm now debating on turning this feature off. I don't think I gain much by having it on anyway.



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