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Apply a single plugin instance across multiple tracks?


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Let's say I have 100 tracks and I want to apply a compressor with the same settings on each. Now let's say, I want to tweak the threshold of those compressors from -10 to -15. I would have to make a new compressor preset with these settings, wipe the 100 compressor plugins on the 100 tracks, and then load in the updated compressor across all.


But what I am wondering, is if there is a way to "bus", in a way, an individual plugin instance to multiple individual tracks. Not like routing multiple tracks to a bus, where the plugin will squash the signals together into one. I'm talking about only using one plugin (in an aux perhaps), that is easily adjustable and having it apply individually on multiple tracks. A workaround to copy/pasting lots of plugins across lots of tracks.


Is this possible?

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You could create a MIDI region containing Region Automation that sets the compressor parameters as desired at the project start on one track, and then create aliases of that region on every track that you want to have the same parameter setting. However this requires the Compressors to be inserted in the same slot # on every channel strip. Also, of course you would have to play back these regions once after you changed the automation value, so the value is sent to the plug-in
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