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assign different staff styles to two regions on same track? [SOLVED]

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The user guide says this is possible, and there was a question about it nine years ago in the forum, but no answer was given. I'm trying to write a lead sheet with a piano part that alternates between traditional notation on a grand staff, and chord symbols above slashes on a single treble staff. The goal is to change from a notated opening to chord comping.


I've gotten as far as assigning the two different staff styles successfully, but in the score, the comping staff has two staves, treble and bass, even though the staff style has only a treble stave. For economy and presentation, I'm trying to get rid of the unused bass staff in the comping sections. Logic will do anything for love of notation, but maybe it won't do this? I've attached a screenshot and the zipped test file that is just lacking that one last tweak that gets it there. Thanks much for any suggestions.





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Thank you a ton, Plowman. Underneath the covid mask, I have a ridiculous grin on my face — it's great when a problem that's driving you crazy can be fixed with the uncheck of a box. My apologies for being a "didn't RTFM" guy . . . well, not exactly, over the past 10 years, I had gotten to page 1,027. The answer is on page 1,062.



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My apologies for being a "didn't RTFM" guy . . .

That's not you. I could tell by your initial post that you had diligently searched out the matter. You'd even found an unanswered question from nine years ago.


This anomaly lies deep in the weeds. "Fill Gaps" is better known by orchestral Logicians with conductors' scores. It doesn't come up often with lead sheets -- but you're right to omit the blank bass staves when they're not needed.


Yep, wouldn't it be great if all problems were solved this easily? Where's the "Complicated Life" box? I need to uncheck that.

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