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How do you name your Reference Tracks?

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Just something that I've been trying to find a good system for, not really a big thing though. I'm very curious on how everyone names they're reference tracks. I always incorporate stuff like BPM and Key for me currently it looks like this: Artist_Title_BPM_KEY. Feel free to chime in or not ;) - Thanks
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I just name it "Reference track" hahaha

If I'm using them inside a song just so I can keep listening to it for production/mixing purposes, it's not really important to me what the name is. But if that system works for you, keep it. Does it matter what information you have there? Is it relevant to what you do? If not, don't waste time with it. Otherwise, keep it :)

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Yeah ur right and I implied as well not a rly important thing. Maybe it's just a little OCD on my side, cuz I keep kind of an Index of reference tracks and can't find the "right" system for naming them and incorporating all relevant metadata.
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