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How do you like this plugin In bundle for Mastering in Logic Pro X?

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My thoughts are always the same: great music is made by great musicians/producers/songwriters, NOT by great gear. Put 2 people working in the same studio, with the same equipment, mixing/mastering the same song. You will have 2 different mixes. Even if you mix one song and then mix it a year from now, you will get a different mix, and the person is the same.


That being said, I'm always pro-stock plugins, unless you find something you can't really achieve unless you go for third party plugins. I believe I only have 1 third party plugin right now, which is Valhalla Super Massive, just because it sounds different from all stock reverbs. Then the other third party plugins I have are just tool for production, stuff that Logic doesn't really have at all (not better, not worse, just completely inexistent).


What I mean by all this is: before you spend money on a bundle just because it's Waves or A or B, ask yourself if you really it. If that will indeed make your music sound much better.


Also, to me, mastering is just maybe 5% of the final product. A great song is a great composition first, then a great performance, then a great mix. When it comes to mastering you should have the sound the way it should sound like. I know I'm probably going to be murdered for saying this, but mastering is highly overrated. That being said, I'm 100% ok with mastering just using stock plugins.

Danny Wyatt - Musician, Music Producer, Songwriter, DJ
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