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Updating 3rd party plugins for bug fixes along with m1 support on intel Machines?

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Are non m1 Mac users updating their 3rd party plugins with the latest 3rd party plugin versions that have bug fixes but also M1 support ?? If it’s not an m1 but does contain bug fixes should we update the plugin ?

Imac 2019 3.1 ghz macOS 10.14.6/Mojave 16gig ram Logic x 10.5.1 Apogee element 8 channel
Logic Pro 10.3 2007 4gig ramiMAC OS 10.11Scarlett 1rst gen 1818 focusrite 

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Yes, if you want fixes and improvements in the new versions, you should update them. The fixes will apply both to the Intel binaries contained within, as well as the ARM binaries (which your Intel system doesn't use.)


If the *only* change is M1 support, then no you don't need to update them.

mu:zines | music magazine archive | difficultAudio | Legacy Logic Project Conversion | Logic 10.7.4, MBP 16" M1pro

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