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When I enable Low Latency Monitoring mode, every sidechain plugin is being disabled


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I'm new to this forum and don't know how to not repost things in an incorrect way - thus I will repost this question I asked in the "general" logic forum. Please correct me if this is against forum rules.


To the question:

My problem is that when I want to record something in Low Latency Mode, Logic turns off ALL the plugins in the mix that have sidechain inputs. This is very disturbing, especially when producing EDM or something with hard sidechain and you're kind of relying on the "sidechain groove" for your performance, and letting the sidechain plugins be bypassed makes the output level unbearable. Why not just turn off plugins with sidechain inputs only on the record enabled tracks?


Do any of you guys have the same problem?

I really appreciate any help on this.


Logic 10.7.3

Big Sur 11.6

Mac Mini M1 2020



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I have also seen the problem when using AU MIDI-controlled effects like Helix Native or Neural DSP plugins that you want to control with a MIDI foot controller such as Morningstar MC8. Once you set the side-chain input to a bus that feeds your dry guitar, the latency goes up. Clicking low latency mode disables the side-chain input. This limits controlling complex guitar plugins to using complex controller assignments and plugin parameter automation which is not nearly as convenient, reliable, or effective.


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The issue with increased latency when using a bus side-chain input into an AU MIDI-Controlled plugin such as Helix Native was caused by record enabling a track that uses Drum Machine Designer. Using UltraBeat doesn't exhibit this behavior. Perhaps Drum Machine Designer's use of the recently introduced sampler is the source of the problem. 

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