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i have question about pro or long-time logic user. do they memorize most logic's instrument sound? and using it appropriately? or just good at sound design. i wonder long-time logic user memorize most instrument's default sound such as alchemy

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This depends. Sometimes you are inspired by a particular sound which seems to put notes in your fingers and before you know it you're halfway through the song.

Other times you are in the midst of a project and you know you now need 'a highly compressed grand piano, played softly, with some shimmer reverb where the reverb is transposed one octave up, delayed, and fed through a delay back into the reverb', and then this is exactly what you do.

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I don't know anyone who remembers all the sounds, patches and presets, no. The most important thing is to have a rough idea of what the song needs before you start looking for it. But then it's just browsing, searching by name or category etc. 

Once you've found a sound that is in the ballpark, that's when your synthesis knowledge kicks in as you'll often want to fine-tune the programming of the patch in order to better fit the song.

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Something else that's useful is to put a few "library patches" into your project, then take a look at the Mixer page.  Here is where you can see how that beautiful sound is actually being made, and where you can (non-destructively ...) tweak it.  You can turn things on and off, twiddle to your heart's desire, and never affect the original library definition.  It can very enlightening just to "goof around with" a thing that was first made by a professional sound designer, knowing that you can't break anything.

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want a bass, browse the bass section.

I remember Anne Dudley (Art of Noise) saying she doesn't have time to program sounds, she'd just scroll through the presets.  I imagine if a preset was close to what she wanted, she'd give it a tweak.

So get scrolling!  You'll soon find le sound juste

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