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Suggestions for improvement (Tango)

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You should post this in the Music Showcase Forum!

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You have a nice track, if you are looking for advice to improve it I would suggest you need some articulation/Expression/Volume controls.   Tango is a very dynamic style, builds up and goes back down, you have a lot of the punctuation of Tango included but some work on the articulations might get you down the road further.    Also, would suggest changing up instrument styles in parts, ex..  you have that violin motif line at the beginning that goes throughout.... try changing that up to Pizz Strings in spots and see how that plays.    You have a nice track here, just a bit more programming will take it over the finish line.


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In light of your comments above, I did apply some focused and more articulation on something which I was working on. This is the song the "Baby Shark" which I was imagining what it would look like when it grows! Here is the product. Please let me know what you think.



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