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right sound and left sound

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i have two stereo sound files. they are same sound but right and left sound is reversed. but sound is different. louder right sound file is more ambient and more louder in whole sound. just turn left and right.. i don't know why. is it just mistaken?

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It's very common that mixes sound different when flipped, because your ears don't often respond the same, and neither does your brain. It's usually very enlightening to flip your mixes over and listen to them this way - they will often sound *very* different.

Silly example - I tend to prefer the hihat in the left, so if you flip the music over, the hihat will now be in the right, and will often sound, to my brain, "wrong" because of my preferences.

Humans are weird creatures... 😝

However, I'm assuming your gear is wired up correctly - a single dry sound shouldn't sound different when just flipped to the other speaker.

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Are you sure it's a stereo file, and not a mid-side recording? 

That comes in two tracks as well, but one is the (mono) direct signal, and the other is ALL the ambient sound. 

You can use the "Direction Mixer" plugin (under "Imaging") to decode a Mid/Side signal (switch the button at left from "LR" to "MS"). 

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