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I have a dream!

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or rather, I just had a nap and dreamed I was playing the keyboard into my DAW but I wasn't triggering notes.. I was triggering various little MIDI phrases... it was like a sampler but loaded with little packets of MIDI - a two bar melody here.. a chord sequence there.. a bass riff.. etc. they'd all transpose depending on which key I played. 
I'm sure this must already be 'a thing'.. Is this 'a thing'??
I mean, obviously you can do this with phrases of audio on a sampler - but do people do this with phrases of MIDI information - which play through whatever sound patch you have loaded on that track?
I don't know.. I'm a little groggy from my afternoon nap and feel like I might have just reinvented the wheel :D - you know how it is when you dream something and when you wake up you think it's the greatest thing ever but 5 minutes later you realise it's total nonsense :D


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