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instrument / patch library not showing up

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The blue triangle from the Library points to Omnisphere, and there are no patches for Omnisphere in your library. You can click to the left of the Settings button (which currently says "Violins qua...") at the top of your channel strip to move that blue triangle there and you'll see all your patches. 

You can also download and install Logic patches for Omnisphere there:


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out of curiosity do you know how to get logic to automatically switch back to the patch library without having to click the little triangle next to 'setting'?

i dont remember having to do this so much, so not sure if apple introduced this in a recent update?

Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 15.22.11.png

Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 15.22.17.png

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well often i want to load a patch and the list is not there. 

sometimes it’s on a brand new track, sometimes it’s after i’ve loaded a new track and it has kontakt on it by default. so maybe it switches to kontakt patches and i have to close and remove the plugin for logic to automatically switch back to the global user patches. 

i’ll keep experimenting and see if something in my workflow has changed that might be affecting it. 

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