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Can't duplicate track when it was part of the step sequencer [SOLVED]

Danny Wyatt
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Let's say I import the step sequencer loop from the library, called Acid Funk Beat

Now when I go to the Kick 1 track, for example, and I use my shortcut to duplicate a track, the screen flashes as if there's no shortcut associated.
Even if I ungroup all those tracks and they are not being sent to the DMD, I still can't use that shortcut. It took me a while to understand why some tracks on my project were creating this issue while other weren't.

Any reason why this happens and any tips on how to fix this? Is this fixed in a later version of Logic?

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On 6/10/2022 at 7:09 PM, JakobP said:

Same here on 10.5.1. You can option-drag the track out of the DMD stack as a workaround...

Yeah it's kind weird that it behaves that way. But DMD is weird overall... the fact we can't just remove it from the channel strip without creating a new channel strip, is ridiculous.

But yeah, your workaround seems to be the only way to duplicate a track, even if it's still inside the stack. Thanks for sharing it!

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