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The most basic of basic advice needed


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My kids are wanting to set up a recording studio at home. Their interests are in recording singing tracks, drums, piano & in using garagebznd or logic Pro.

I have no idea about what would be needed ...but it is something we are exploring as a joint christmas/birthday project for them all to share.

Any advice on what is or isn't needed would be gratefully received!

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Hi Lohu, and welcome to Logic Pro Help. 

To get started, you would need:

  1. A Mac computer
  2. Logic Pro
  3. An audio interface
  4. Microphones
  5. Mic cables
  6. Mic stands

What you get depends on your needs and budget. If you can afford one of the more recent Macs, I highly recommend you get a newer model with one of the Apple Silicon chips. If on a budget, that could be the Mac mini M1. 

The audio interface should have as many inputs with mic preamps as you're going to want to record mics onto different tracks simultaneously. Meaning that if you would like to record a kick drum mic, a snare mic, and two overhead mics while recording two vocal mics at the same time, then you need at least 6 inputs on your audio interface. I recently recommended a few audio interface models in the following thread:

As for microphones, cables and stands, again, how many mics and which type of mics depend on your budget and needs: if you provide a bit more details then maybe we can recommend specific models. 

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