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Individually offline bounce multiple audio tracks at once, which have no regions, but do have input data?


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Hi all, I'm in the midsts of figuring out printing stems within a project automatically. Unfortunately I get system overload errors every time I try to print them into audio tracks in real time. Thus, I would like to resort to bouncing offline. 

The beauty of printing within a project is that they can all print simultaneously. I am wondering if there is a way to do this, but offline. 

If not, my workaround has been to solo an individual stem track, enable input monitoring, and offline bouncing the audio. The drawback is that I would have to manually do this for every stem group, which can be tedious. 

Is there any way to automate this process? Either whereby I can offline bounce multiple single audio tracks simultaneously (note: these tracks have no regions in them, the data is all being collected from their inputs!), or at least have Logic bounce one track at a time automatically (similar to the "export regions to audio files" feature, except there are no regions). 

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In this case it may actually be a disk overload issue? Because you're reading and writing several tracks at once.

I don't know your storage medium setup...

You could try moving the playback audio files to the slowest storage medium in your setup and have the record paths set to somewhere on your storage medium.

It's not a solution as such but something you could try to increase performance.

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