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Mid-Side stops working


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First Post:

Most of the time Mid-Side doesn't work for me. Specifically when I solo the side channel nothing comes out. When listening in stereo and adjusting side parameters nothing changes. One time I imported the entire erect into a new project and it restored Mid-Side - for awhile. I should mention that this happens with all the Waves plugins I have (a lot) as well as Logic plugins. Have not tried other third party plugins.

Has this happened to any one?





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I guess you're saying you're having an issue with your plugins since technically mid/side isn't something that stops working.

Could you provide the name of 1 Waves and 1 Logic plugin where you're noting a problem? And include the version of Logic you're running along with the version of the Waves plugin.

Would be great if you'd provide some information about your setup as well.

The only thing that immediately comes to mind is a possible phase cancellation happening but without knowing what you're doing nor having any audio example; it would be difficult to say. So that is only a wild guess.

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Without a full unending of what you've been trying to do I feel it may be worth pointing out that mid-side processing doesn't work on mono content as there is no side information in that instance. This is the most common cause fo the feature not working. Even some stereo tracks can really be mono in disguise if there is the same content on both sides.

If you happen to be referring to Waves' m->s plugin configurations in part, they are a mono input to stereo output plugin.  Again, if your track is mono, they will still come out of these plugins as mono, just in a 2-channel (stereo) format, unless you have done something to the left and right channels.


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That’s good info I will see if that is what was happening. One thing that led me to believe that it “stops working” is that when this appeared to happen I would make a new project and then import everything from “problem” project and mid-side would start “working” again. But now I am not sure if that is the case. I think, as you said, I was probably trying to use it on mono files in the mistaken belief that they would be “stereoized”. 



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