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Automation change at chorus, verse, for example


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Hi all,  

Excuse the simple question regarding automation.  I use it all the time for gradual changes, but, there's one thing that I can't seem to make work the way I think it's intended.    I'd like to enable automation with "A", as usual, then place the playback head at a desired location, like a chorus or a verse, and then, set my faders for the few changes required, then do "something" to write these changes in automation.  I know I can do Mix/Create 2 points for visible parameter and then grab the node and set it, but for some reason, the node isn't responding to fader movements.   I must be missing something really obvious!!   

thanks very much for any assistance, jgirv.          (and, yes, working on getting a profile pic in place for this forum!)

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Thx for the reply! ...  I'm thinking of something simpler, if possible.  Like can I set the faders and hit (I'm making this up) say, Command-F and that writes the automation.  For one fader I could easily do as you suggest, but is there a way to simply write these new values at a selected location in the timeline?  thx!

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No, the faders write automation only when a track is in one of the automation write modes, and playback is started (it doesn't even work in pause mode).

There isn't even a key command available for picking up the fader value.

You'll need to overwrite in play mode, trim/relative, or edit the automation data using the nodes.

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