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Recording Delay on new MacBook Pro M1Pro


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This photo is me recording the same sentence with low latency mode on and off. The difference is 2,75ms. With buffer size 128. And only a couple of plug-ins in not that big of a session. How can this be. It wasn’t even the case on my old 2015 MacBook Pro.

The monitoring latency doesn’t even really matter to me, but it doesn’t even record in time. If my old MacBook had monitoring latency it would still record the track in time. But the new on is way too late. What is the cause for this I’m so confused. I've read some other threads and I have a feeling it might even be some weird Apple Silicon bug. 

Low Latency mode works, but I didn't even need to use that on my old MacBook. So I absolutely shouldn't need it on this new machine ...



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