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Assign MIDI note to Arpeggiator's rate and mute certain notes

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I would like to assign certain pitches to certain arpeggiator's rates and then mute the output of those same notes

For example: C-2 would set the rate to 1/4 and would not produce any sound (it's sent to the arp's rate, but not the sequencer). Then C#-2 would set it to 1/8, etc.

I was playing around with some factory presets, but can't seem to understand how to achieve this...

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UPDATE: I noticed that this will not help me achieve what I want, because the arpeggiator is locked to the transport bar. I want an arp that's in sync with the tempo of the project, meaning that a 1/4 arp will be in sync with the BPM, but doesn't "quantize" the note so even if I play between beat 1 and beat 2 (let's say 37% between those 2 beats), it will start right away.

I'm playing around with the Note Repeater preset and it's probably a good starting point, but now I need a few things:

1) The repeats only occur when the note is being pressed so once I release the key, the repeats will stop (similar to an arp)

2) Different pitches will trigger different divisions, as mentioned in the original post.

This is what I have so far by removing what seemed irrelevant without breaking anything:

    Note Repeater: This script demonstrates how to achieve a similiar 
                   functionality as the MIDI Plug-in "Note Repeater". 

var NeedsTimingInfo = true;

//track the number of notes that are currently being pressed
var numberOfNotes = 0;

//track the number of repeats to perform
var numberOfRepeats = 3;

function HandleMIDI(event) {

    var info = GetTimingInfo();
    if (event instanceof NoteOn) {
        numberOfNotes++ ;
        //only update these variables after the user releases all notes
        //and plays a new set of notes
        if(numberOfNotes == 1) {
            numberOfRepeats = 3;
        //originally played note on
        //delayed note ons
 	      for(var i=0; i< numberOfRepeats ;i++) {
 	          event.sendAfterBeats((i+1) * getTime(GetParameter("Time")));

//get the division for the associated menu index
function getTime(index) {

    var convertedValue = 1;
    switch(index) {
        case 0:
            convertedValue = .166; //1/16T
        case 1:
            convertedValue = .25;  //1/16
        case 2:
            convertedValue = .375;  //1/16.
        case 3: 
            convertedValue = .333; //1/8T
        case 4: 
            convertedValue = .5;  //1/8
        case 5:
            convertedValue = .75; //1/8.
        case 6: 
            convertedValue = .666; //1/4T
        case 7:
            convertedValue = 1; //1/4
        case 8: 
            convertedValue = 1.5; //1/4.
        case 9:
            convertedValue = 1.333; //1/2T
        case 10: 
            convertedValue = 2; //1/2
        case 11:
            convertedValue = 3; //1/2.
            Trace("error in getTime()");
    return convertedValue;

//define UI parameters 
var PluginParameters = [{name:"Time", type:"menu", 
                        valueStrings:["1/16 T", "1/16", "1/16 .", "1/8 T", "1/8", 
                        "1/8 .", "1/4 T", "1/4", "1/4 .", "1/2 T", "1/2", "1/2 ."],
                         defaultValue:5, numberOfSteps:11}, 


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