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Sustain on channel change

FJB Logic

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Hi All


This might be a silly question but on my other DAWs i.e. Cubase and Reason. If I play a chord (soft synth) with sustain pedal pressed and I change the current channel to a new one, the DAW sustains the chord on the previous selected channel


Pad on channel 1

Piano on channel 2

If I play the Pad while holding sustain and select the Piano channel. the Pad will sustain indefinately.


I find Logic does not unless there is a setting specifically for this


Any ideas?

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3 hours ago, FJB Logic said:

For example. A note is played and sustain is pressed. While sustain is being held. You select another channel(not midi channel) another softsynth channel. The new channel and sound becomes available but the sustained sound remains in the background. 

Well that would be correct behaviour. I guess I don't understand your problem then?

EDIT: Just re-read your post and saw the "not midi channel, but software instrument channel" part. OK, I guess I understand the issue now. AFAIK there is no setting in Logic that can prevent that.

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BTW are you on Logic 10.7.x already? In that case you could use this workaround:

1) record enable all software instrument tracks you want to play on

2) Set them all to different MIDI input channels (that's the part that only works in Logic 10.7 and later) 

3) In the Environment, add a Transformer between Physical Input and Sequencer Input that changes the MIDI channel to a fixed value (e.g. 1)

4) Also add a Fader that controls Par 1 of the Transformer (New -> Fader -> Specials -> Transform Par 1) and connect it to the Transformer - this Fader now controls the Channel the Transformer changes the incoming events to

Now you can use that Fader to control which software instrument channel you are actually playing with your MIDI keyboard. No unwanted Sustain Off messages will be sent.

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