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MIDI FX Question, Help please!


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Hi Everyone,

Hey MIDI FX Question, on logic pro X - theres a midi FX slot, that has native logic plugins - Arp, Transposer ETC + a very limited amount of my 3rd party plugins.

Then theres a lot of my 3rd Party plugins in the "Au Midi Controlled Effect" section

I want to use "Au midi controlled Effects" on instrument channels to effect the synth/instrument im using. Issue is, "Au Midi controlled Effects" seemingly have to be inserted in the instrument slot, so cant have both that and an instrument running on the same channel. Does anyone have a solution to this?

And whats the difference between the plugins available in the "Midi FX" slot Vs "Au midi controlled effect"?

Any help muchly appreciated, Thanks


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MIDI FX plug-ins process MIDI. Their input is a MIDI signal, and their output is also a MIDI signal. 

MIDI Controlled (audio) effects process audio, and they are controlled by MIDI. Their input is an audio signal, their output is also an audio signal, and MIDI is used to control how they process the audio signal. 

In order to use a MIDI Controlled effect to process the audio signal produced by a software instrument, select that audio signal from the Side Chain pop-up menu on the MIDI Controlled effect plug-in.

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Hi David, Thanks mate - thats helpful, Unfortunately it doesnt totally solve what im trying to do - sorry i didnt explain it very well, im trying to recreate this tutorial - its done in Ableton, and seems very simply but i cant figure it out in logic - https://trommelmusic.com/music/the-source-hook-up-with-djoko-for-a-tutorial-on-his-creative-use-of-abletons-vocoder/

So heres where it gets tricky, im trying to effect the sound of a synth, with a "Au midi controlled effect" so iv got that far with side-chaining, but im also trying to use a drum loop to trigger the vocoder.


1. Bass loop created by a synth in an instrument channel

2. Bass loop effected by vocoder Au Midi controlled effect via Sidechain

3. Need to also sidechain drumloop so the drums transients are triggering Vocoder, thats effecting the synth.


If anyone has the time, you'l be able to see what i mean if you watch that little tutorial that iv linked - apologies for the bad explanation, and any help is muchly appreciated! thanks

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