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What happens to audio files that are dragged into Logic Pro X?


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I haven't been able to find a simple answer to this question. I would guess that the audio files are copied and stored in a new folder/location. Then any changes (edits, processing, etc...) are applied to these copied files?

I ask because i have been working on projects with a friend, dragging audio (wav) files i work on separately (in a different program) into his projects. We will work on the audio in the project then save. But sometimes these files get lost--ie., he will save the project on an external hard drive, then when we try to pull the project up on his computer, Logic cant find the files. So Id just like to know what Logic does with files dragged and dropped into a project--partly to keep this problem from happening again, partly curiosity.

Sorry for the long post. Any responses are greatly appreciated!

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Make sure

File/ Project Settings/Assets

'Copy Audio Files into Project' is checked. Also Sample Audio File and others if necessary.

Also when doing a 'save as' you have the option to copy all files into the project folder

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