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Split poly piano midi into mono orchestral tracks?

Rufuss Sewell

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I’m starting to convert several piano songs into orchestral arrangements. I’m using Logic but I’m open to using anything for this particular job. 

I was hoping there would be something like “demix by polyphony” or something, but I’m not seeing that. 

I’d love something that splits up poly tracks into mono voices automatically. 

Currently I duplicate the piano track into how ever many tracks my biggest chord is and then do it manually. Any suggestions to make this process easier?

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Here's one method: 

  1. Command-click the New Track with Duplicate Settings button to duplicate the track and its regions as many times as you have voices. 
  2. In the first duplicate, in the Piano Roll, press Shift-Up to select the top voice.
  3. Press Shift-I to invert the selection. 
  4. Press Delete. 
  5. In the second duplicate, press Shift-Up. 
  6. Press Delete to delete the top voice. 
  7. Repeat starting at #2 for the second voice, etc. 
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