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Audio interrupts in Logic when tabbing between apps.


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Is anybody else experiencing audio glitches when tabbing between apps and Logic?

Particularly when other apps are using audio (even with the same or system sample rate).

Ventura / Logic 10.7.5 / Mac Studio Ultra.

I had been experiencing this with Monterey, but nowhere near as often and intense.

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Actually, if I load this very forum and there's video content in the ads, it will, not alway, interrupt Logic Playback.  Mmmm  ..... and may even have something to do with Eucon.

Also, scrolling in Safari makes it far worse.

Just can't nail it down to anything specific.

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Ok so hopefully I'm onto something.  Just changed the Audio "Settings" to 18 High Performance cores, instead of Automatic..... nope that didn't sort it.

HOWEVER!!!  May have stumbled onto it being a Bluetooth issue with a particular Magic Mouse 2.

Just had a major glitch while scrolling this very site.... and I was then alerted that my Mouse and Trackpad (Apple magic units) were "disconnected"   

Since swapping the BT mouse for another Magic Mouse (older one)...  aren't had a glitch since..... Weird huh?

(Anyway, just posting it here in case someone else has the prob).

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