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'Apply project tempo to region and downbeat' not working


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I recorded vocals in a project at 101bpm, but now, I've decided I like the song better at 103 bpm, so I've started a new project at 103. I'm trying to adjust the vocals recorded at 101 so they'll sync in time at 103.

"Apply project tempo to region and downbeat" has been magical for me in the past, but it's not doing anything to these audio regions recorded at 101. I've tried copy and pasting the audio files into the new 103bpm project, and I've also tried adding those audio tracks via Logic's browser. 

The screenshot below is of the original 101bpm project. As you can see, it's so complicated. There is a lot going on, and to me it would seem more difficult to change the tempo and get all the audio files to properly sync to the new tempo. That's why I created the new project.

The ultimate goal is to comp the vocals recorded at the original tempo (101) with the ones recorded at the new one (103)

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 6.45.57 AM.png

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