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"Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI"

Sam S

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Starting last night I've been experiencing a crazy amount of crackling when I try to simply play my project. I only have a couple instruments and one audio track, nothing more. The error message I get after the crackling gets crazy is "Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI" and under that "Sample rate 42,829 recognized" and below that "Check conflict between logic and external device". I have no devices plugged in, nothing connected to my computer. I've restarted Logic and my computer with no change. I've muted large tracks. Thoughts?

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i used to get this error with arturia's spark drum plugin (hence, the 'external device', ie a 3rd-party plugin). when i stopped using it, the problem went away.

so... possibly a sync error with a plugin. check your 3rd-party plugins, see if one of them is causing the problem.

just a suggestion 👍

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