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Massive problems from new update 10.7.5, how to switch back to older version?

Jboats Brother

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I updated to version 10.7.5 a few days ago and I've had nothing but problems since. 

The DAW keeps crashing (every 10-15mins) and worse than that, I can no longer run the plugin 'silent way SW Sync which means I can't sync my modular with the DAW, so I can't work at all.

None of the new updates have any impact on me and the way i work, it's just caused unworkable problems. How do I switch back to the older version? 



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It's really easy to backup your current version of the Logic app before you upgrade, which is why we recommend everyone do this every time an update is released - so you have the option of going back. Otherwise, Apple limits your options, unfortunately...

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