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Alchemy doesn't respond to MIDI devices powered up after Alchemy starts


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I've found that when using a session with any Alchemy instrument, if my external MIDI keyboard is not powered up when the session opens, then the Alchemy instrument doesn't work properly after the external keyboard is powered up. In this case, Logic sees MIDI in from the new keyboard (as evidenced by the MIDI In monitor), and Alchemy sees the MIDI in (you can see the envelope generator do its thing), but Alchemy produces no sound output. 

This GIF shows this. Initial state is: external keyboard off, Logic running with no session loaded. Then we see

  • Load Session
  • Power up external keyboard (can't see this in the GIF of course)
  • Play keyboard. MIDI events are seen in the MIDI monitor in the main window
  • Alchemy is seen processing MIDI events in its AHDSR pane
  • BUT: No audio out in the main window mixer. That's the bug.
  • Close session, reopen it
  • The same MIDI events from the same keyboard now cause audio out, as seen in the mixer

No other VI I've tested shows this behavior, either native Logic VIs or 3rd party. I only have one MIDI keyboard so I can't test others. (Mine is a Nektar Impact LX25+.)

This is a problem when, say, working on a session with an Alchemy instrument, then I realize I need external MIDI. I turn on my keyboard, and no go. I have to close and re-open the session to use the Alchemy instrument.

Is there some kind of "rescan MIDI devices" command that might provide a quicker workaround? 


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