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Hi Folks

I was using Logic Pro on a 3 month trial until last weekend, it worked great so I purchased it and now have the full version

When I record a vocal track, I follow the same procedure to start pitch flex as with the trial version, I turn on PF and it analyses the track however now it seems to show a few bars of "normal" boxes then it shows the remainder of the track with the remaining boxes all positioned around C0 on the keyboard

Looks like something in the setup that's eluding me, can you help?



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Maybe others are familiar with this behavior and can provide an easy answer. Meanwhile though, did you use the same audio in both cases? If so, that would suggest Logic's behavior changed for you at some point (or that some other factor changed). If not, maybe Logic is responding to the different audio differently for some reason. Although uncompressed audio might be too big to upload, if you can isolate even a couple bars that reliably produce the wrong results, maybe you could upload it here for others to try (if you can create an excerpt that doesn't exceed the 1.95 MB upload limit). And/or, you could post a screenshot showing the analysis you're getting.

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