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MIDI connected but no input

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I am recently having some issues using my Roland Juno-DS88 as a midi controller after updating from macOS 10.10 to 10.13. I uninstalled the old version of the Juno-DS driver and installed the appropriate one for this macOS according to the instructions: https://www.roland.com/global/support/by_product/juno-ds88/updates_drivers/cbba5cb6-245f-405a-9437-c74aeead76d3/ 

The midi device seems to show up properly in "Audio Devices".

When I open Logic Pro X (version 10.7.7), the midi interface is recognized and is says 'Now 2 inputs and 2 outputs are available'. But there is no input/sound/recording of software instruments. The built-in computer MIDI works.

I tried but couldn't figure out how to delete/"forget" the Juno-DS midi controller in Logic, then re-install/re-configure. Maybe there are still some remnants of the old driver/settings in Logic?

How can I fix this, short of restoring Logic to factory settings?

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Hi gretzkydra11,

There's something that does not add up with the info you've provided:

6 hours ago, gretzkydra11 said:

after updating from macOS 10.10 to 10.13...when I open Logic Pro X (version 10.7.7),

macOS 10.13. That's High Sierra from back in 2017. Logic 10.7.7 requieres minimum macOS 12.x (Monterey). Could it be you meant you're running macOS 13.x (Ventura)?



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