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Clicks in big session hitting "playback" - buffer I guess //paused

Sir Hannes

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// paused, have to do more investigation

// how can I delete my post to not flood the forum? Can't find an option.



having a super annoying issue in 10.7.6. Listening to vocals solo or within full arrangement, I got clicks many times I hit playback. It's super loud and my right ear is hurting (it's actually only on the right side). As I am cutting on the fly, moving on the fly, using "play from bar before" it seems, that LogicPro is not able to clear the buffer before start playback. I first thought, it's a bad programmed plugin (and still, maybe it is), after some research, muting and de-muting all subgroups, it seems more that every time I stop Logic and jump back with mentioned keycommand, I got this click.

From my time with Steinberg's Wavelab I know that they implemented a feature in the options list called "ramp time in ms", if you hit playback, wavelab created a * ms fade to preserve not only your speakers but your most important tool in your arsenal.

Happy to hear your opinion!

(limiter does not help, reducing volume does not help if I am also in mixing mode, an enveloper on the master must be programmed to only work once if I hit playback)


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  • Sir Hannes changed the title to Clicks in big session hitting "playback" - buffer I guess //paused
3 hours ago, Sir Hannes said:

// how can I delete my post to not flood the forum? Can't find an option.

There is no option to delete your posts on the forum. Once you post on the forum, your topic is indexed by Google and available in search engines. It may be bookmarked by another user. Subscribers to the forum get a notification about it. Someone may be in the process of replying to it. If you deleted it, all these other users would be left hanging and would think the forum is dysfunctioning.

Instead, you're free to reply to your topic and explain what happened, if you've resolved the issue, or moved on, or just realized that you made a silly mistake. That's okay, we all make them: 

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I paused this as I found out that I got this mostly on tracks with a MIDAS eq (PEQ 3000-DT), I could hear and see it in it's analyzer. If I bypassed that EQ, clicks were gone.

I jumped through the project but could find other audio regions where no clicks were audible with that same EQ.

Now I think, it might has to do with 

- automation, automated parameters e.g. Low Cut

- too much overload so the audio buffer does not empty before playback again

It still hurts my ears.

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