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using external keyboard with logicpro's internal keyboard / piano sounds

Dave 68

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I've selected "software instrument" track and set up my Korg electronic piano with 2 midi leads in / out of a Lexicon interface.  I haven't connected the Korg to logic via an audio lead. I can't hear any sound out of the headphones and, when I play the Korg's keys, no signal is being shown on the logic pro track I have created.   Any advice please?




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-- If you use Musical Typing (command-K) does that let you hear the software instrument through your phones?

-- Did you connect the MIDI cables properly? Korg MIDI OUT to Lexicon MIDI IN (the Lexicon MIDI OUT to Korg MIDI IN connection is only needed when you want to play the Korg from Logic's sequencer).

-- Launch Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup, open up the MIDI window (command-2) and see if the Lexicon appears. In this screenshot, "M2" is my MOTU audio/MIDI interface. 


-- In the Track section of the channel strip, click on MIDI IN Port to open the popup. Do you see the Lexicon MIDI IN as an option?  You don't have to select it..."All" will work just fine, but the Lexicon must be in the list. In this screenshot, "M2" is my MOTU M2 audio/MIDI interface.



You can post your own screenshots in a reply.

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30 minutes ago, Dave 68 said:

Where do I find "Launch Utilities / Audio midi set up" within logic pro please?

enossified means to launch the application 'Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup'. It's in the 'Applications' folder, in the 'Utilities' subfolder.

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