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Delete and Move moves regions to the stratosphere

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Yesterday we were talking about how lack of knowledge of Logic can be misinterpreted as bugs, but if this is not a bug then I'm totally lost. This is a function that I had learned recently and had used without issues called "Delete and move" in the edit menu. According to the manual:


And that's exactly how it worked for me. But since yesterday, Logic, in its constant effort to drive me crazy, has decided to start moving the remaining regions to some place far beyond the beginning of the timeline:



I repeated this yesterday and today several times with the same result.

Any ideas?

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I also get buggy behavior when doing the selection with the pointer tool, it seems to work when using the marquee tool to do the selection here... Looks like a bug 🙁

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37 minutes ago, rAC said:

Logic versions and OS versions? Does it happen with only one track on an otherwise empty project? 

With me you can always assume the latest in both, unless there was some major screwup by Apple where the update that was just published was so bad that it made the news, which happened once or twice lately.

So right now that would be Logic 10.7.7 and macOS 13.1 (22C65).

And yes, when this happened it was I think just one track with several audio files, and maybe there was an empty instrument track, I can't remember.

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13 hours ago, polanoid said:

Definitely a bug (and easily reproducible as well here). You should report it to Apple.

Yeah, the problem is, Apple doesn't do anything. I have reported things that are far worse than this, not in Logic but at the OS and hardware level, I even spoke with a very thorough service rep for two hours in early December about a multi display bug that affects a lot of people, and they have done squat. 

So what is the point of keep wasting time typing up bug reports if they won't take a look at them?

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1 hour ago, polanoid said:

That is just not true. 

Well it is in my experience. macOS (at least Monterey and Ventura) along with the Mac Studio, has a gigantic bug for which almost every time my two monitors go to sleep, when I hit any key to wake them up, they will be swapped, as if someone had grabbed the monitor on the left and put it to the right of the other one. 

So each time it happens, I have to open the system settings, find the Display tab in their downright stupid iPad system settings that replaced the perfectly good old system preferences in macOS since 2000, and since this great "update" to the system preferences, I have to click on the Arrange button (up until Monterey this was done in the Displays section without further button pressing), click and drag the monitor on the left to the right, then right click on it and set it as main.

This is something that since I got this machine in June 2022 I have done hundreds of times. And I'm very technically inclined, I'm a nerd, I know Macs and PCs well and all the different cables, and connectors and you name it. So I'm not the typical user that has to call tech support for everything. However, I did call Apple, I spent two hours on the phone with a really nice guy, explained everything to him, he had me run this special app that collects info about the system and sends it to the Apple engineers. 

This was after months of sending a bug report about this on their website. And it's been over two months since that call, and nothing happened. To this day, I still have to do the process above about five times a day, on a machine that I paid $5,000 + tax + interest for. A piece of crap $300 Dell doesn't have this pathetic display management. And trust me, I have done every troubleshooting procedure I could think of, and others that I found online. Nothing works, because it's just poorly written code, which they don't even care to fix, because their engineers are too busy with the next iPhone.

So forgive me if I'm not too optimistic about Apple fixing anything. When you buy a $5,000+ computer, and it aggravates you every single day because their engineers are too lazy or don't care to fix a colossal failure in display management, then what can I expect? Nothing.

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11 hours ago, polanoid said:

I was referring to the Logic team. This forum is not about macOS in general 

Fair enough. But I was talking about Apple as a company acting on customers feedback and fixing bugs. If they don't bother to fix a major issue like the downright pathetic display management in macOS and Mac hardware, what are the chances they're going to fix these Logic bugs?

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11 hours ago, polanoid said:

Many users on this forum will confirm that.

Indeed. We can attest to the fact that Apple and their Logic team are deeply invested in: 

  1. Adding new features so that Logic continues to compete with other major DAWs,
  2. Fix bugs.

However it's not like there's a dozen bugs to fix that they could just devote a couple of weeks to fix and move on. Logic is an old, large software, made of many different modules, that can run on a vast array of different types of machines, with different plug-ins, other software, hardware devices etc.

That means the list of registered, reproducible bugs is most likely in the 4 to 5 figure number range. Some of them can be (and are) fixed within seconds. Other may require a bit more time and investment and are categorized and listed in priorities depending on both the deemed urgency of the bug (Is it affecting a large number of users? Is it critical to workflow? Is there a workaround? Does the bug trigger data loss? Does it make Apple look bad? Etc...) and the time/money investment needed to fix it. And others yet will likely never be fixed (for example because they would require a ridiculous investment in time/money and in the end the code overhaul would likely trigger more new bugs than it fixes). 

Also to stay current and competitive, Apple has to balance time/money invested in #2 with time/money invested in #1 which is what sells the software (and Mac computers). 

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That's all peachy, but every day I turn on this $5,000 computer, or 9 days out of 10, the OS assigns display roles at random like a crazy lunatic, and I have to go through 5 or so steps to correct that, and not only when I turn it on, but several more times when I went somewhere and came back, or when I switch to my work Macbook Pro, which has the same exact problem.

And I have reported this for now 8 or 9 months, without any hints at fixing the problem. So forgive me if my opinion of Apple as a company that acts on bug reports is really low right now. And I'm far from an Apple hater, I have spent over $20,000 in Apple hardware and software, and I even own a few shares of Apple stock. I'm the guy who defends Apple to the Apple haters.

If I wasn't an Apple guy, but instead a Windows guy (which to some extent I am, I built several PCs, and the one I built in 2012 is still working perfectly to this day and I use it for some things), and I go to a friend's house that just spent $5,000+ on a Mac Studio, and I see that more than half the times he turns it on or wakes up the monitors the main monitor is now on the wrong side, I would tell him "Dude, you spent $5K on a computer that doesn't remember which monitor is which? Buddy, you got really ripped off!"

So yeah, you say this is a Logic Pro X forum, sure, but I'm talking about Apple's willingness to act on major bug reports, and in my experience lately, that's been below pathetic.

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