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Bouncing some of the tracks onto one track.

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Hello. My project has too many tracks for my RAM to handle so I want to temporarily bounce my instrument tracks onto one so I can hear them and work on the voice tracks. I've tried to do this twice. The first time I didn't set parameters (cycle mode the length of the project) and it bounced about 4000 bars before it stopped.  The second time I did set parameters and it did the same. Also it bounced all the tracks onto seperate tracks.  So how do I do this? You can see that I I've done this before - the voice tracks at the bottom are all on one track.  I want to unbounce those today (hope I can).




Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 11.36.42.png

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Thank you!  I've been exporting short midi files by bouncing some tracks and setting the cycle mode for the few bars I want.  Are the markers different to that and if so how do I set them?

Also does freezing a track stop CPU usage?  I've ticked the freeze box in the menu and now I see a snowflake on most tracks but not all. Do I just click on it?  Can I undo that later? 



Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 12.06.56.png

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Is the end marker to do with the arrangement track?  Do I need to put Outro at the end to stop it going to 4000 bars?

I don't understand how I've been successfully exporting short midi files using the cycle mode to mark beginning and end.

I dind't know about freezing tracks so I bounced all the vocals onto one track. Can I unbounce those now? How do I do it please? 

Sorry to ask so many questions. xxxxxx

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