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Can I join MOD and EXP in piano roll automation/MIDI editor?

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I routinely find myself doing the same thing over and over. I'm on the lower panel editing MIDI notes. There's a section that is too high or two low. So I press Cmd and with the mouse draw the automation the way I like, press play, then rinse and repeat until I like the result. 

But in many of the instruments I have, both MOD and EXP are almost the same, and I basically want them to go hand in hand. If I chose to record the MIDI automation instead of drawing, I have my TouchOSC fader that has both at the same time, but sometimes I just want to draw and be done with it, rather than delete all the points in a section for EXP, then for MOD, then record again with the fader, and probably repeat many times because my finger got stuck on the glass of the iPad.

So I'm trying to find something like the fader I did in TouchOSC, which sends CC1 and CC11 at the same time, but for pencil editing. Right now, If I draw a new curve for EXP, then I have switch to MOD and draw more or less the same curve. Or, I have to go to the tracks area, click on the automation button, then find the track, delete the EXP automation, select the MOD automation, then press Command and click the drop down menu again to select EXP so it copies the MOD automation to the EXP one, and Oh my God I'm getting tired just typing about it!!! I have done that so many times that it feels like a chore rather than creativity. 

I mean, if it's one of the instruments that treat both parameters differently, I'm more than happy to edit both separately, in fact I do it sometimes. But whether they are the same, or sound the same in a specific articulation, or perhaps they sound different but you want both going hand in hand, I want to draw one automation set and be done with it. I mean, not done in the sense that I'm never going to touch it again, but in the sense that I want to draw the automation, and have that drawing populate the other one with the same exact curve or whatever I drew. 

Is that possible? Maybe some new MIDI parameter that combines both? Or maybe a new automation parameter that sources both MIDI ones? Eastwest's Opus has something called Macros, which can call any MIDI parameter and join them together, so if the user moves one, the other moves along, and both are recorded. Maybe there's something like that but for the piano roll automation editor?

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I'm afraid not. It doesn't really do anything as far as I can tell. If I draw anything in MOD it doesn't automatically draw that in EXP, and even if I record and move the MOD wheel or anything set to CC1, that also doesn't create the same automation in EXP. 


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10 minutes ago, JakobP said:

No, it will receive the cc1 from your region, then copy cc1 to cc11, and send it all to the instrument. You won't see it, but the instrument will...

Right! I didn't know that, and when you said this I opened the instrument and saw both go up and down. Which is even better than having both MIDI automations, because you record just CC1 and it also applies to CC11, and if you want to change anything by drawing, it's only one curve and you got it.


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