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with a little help from my Logic Friends...


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thanks :) still got lots to tweak on the mixes/mastering side of it, but we've been mixing all day, so we're calling it a night to give the ears a break. These are little :30's for background of a TV spot..so..not a LOT of melody...client just wants the groove. I did 6 demos..not sure which one they'll pick..


Basic tracks composed in Logic. Lots of RMX grooves, as well as individual sounds. I LOVE putting RMX in 'kit' mode, then playing parts in..It just has the best sounds...


1st tune is mostly Logic...Martin Normington here answered my call for some horn parts...I layered a bunch of EXS/Motu horns samples together, then added Martins live sax into the mix..bit crushed it some, and tweaked it. Guitar is by a Glenn Lorbecki (www.glennsound.com)...a truly amazing gtr guy, and one hell of an engineer/producer. Vocals are two session singers I use in Seattle.


funk tune..more RMX, some Ultrabeat...clav/rhodes I played in Logic. Organ too. Glenn on Guitar.. Bass is a combo of things from Ben Parsons and Eric Cardenas (two more LPH.com members). They both had pretty cool takes on the part, so I just muxed them together a bit here and there :)



mixes aren't done...but...they're not being mixed in Logic. The main studio I work at is all ProTools, with every imaginable plugin..and my main dude, Rick Senechal, is doing the mix with me. He's been mixing my stuff for years, and I trust him completely. He ALWAYS brings something new to my stuff..


I'm a tad wierd (ok..a lot). I'm usually pretty fried by the time I'm done writing...I over-think stuff way too much, and sometimes I stop trusting my ears. I simply LOVE bringing other people into the mix. I'll send stuff to Rick that's about 70% set (levels, eq, etc...) so he gets a general feel for where I'm at..


after that..I turn it loose, and let whatever happens..happen.

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I felt like I was sitting in a huge leather armchair, flying around through some downtown metropolis at night - oh yeah, and I had sunglasses on. Very evocative stuff, Dave! Very smooth and slightly dark. I really like the singers in the first track.


Hope the clients dig it, too. Good luck with it.

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:) yup. Stock EXS/GarageBand horns, one pass of 'horn stabs' from a Motif Rack, plus Cloggy's tracks.


for me..it's all about LAYERING and eq'ing stuff out of each part to create a composite sound. The main thing Cloggy's parts added were PROPER horn intervals (damn keyboard players playing block chords...lolol), and the 'attack/key noise' of the real horn. THAT's what brought it to life, especially on the B7+9 chordal movement.


The lady doing the 'ohhh' part is Karen Vanderweide Great, crisp session singer.

The other lady, Korla..is a Seattle cornerstone from the jazz world:




thanks for the kind words!

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haven't heard much yet...ad agencies love to take their time :)


I picked up some plug-ins from DUY the last night..AMAZING stuff. l'm going to play with the MagicEQ Mastering one tonight and post some files before I go to bed...probably to a different share instead of here..but I'll post a link for ya'll.


I hate that I'm never COMPLETELY happy with a mix. :)

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