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Logic Limiter Ceiling Glitch


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This is a relatively recent issue, as I've used the limiter before with no issues. Using the standard limiter (not the adaptive one), the output used to behave normally-- that is, setting the max output level for a track. In my case, I want to set a narration levels for a project that don't go above -5db. Now, it is operating as a gain reduction. So, when I apply the limiter, it reduces everything by -5db.

Very odd as I used to have no issues with this.

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The limiter works as expected here. Make sure your Output Level is set to -5.0 dB?

If I set the Output Level to -5.0 dB then the output is limited to -5 dBFS, no matter how high the signal I'm feeding to the limiter. Here you can see an insanely high (over +25 dBFS) mix fed into the limiter. The limiter applies the necessary 26.1 dB of gain reduction to limit the output to -5.0 dBFS: 

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 2.59.32 PM.png

Can you share an example either as a screenshot or a project that demonstrates the issue you're getting? 

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