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A simple script to manually generate MIDI CC messages

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Hey all,


Just made this simple script for Scripter, mainly as a workaround for plugins that don't show mod wheel in their piano roll, but you can use it to trigger any CC message down to the plugin. Used it for example to to some midi learn onto zebra, without having any midi keyboard connected. You can even automate the sliders of the script so it'll generate the corresponding midi messages (track automation doesn't allow you to write CC automation, you need to do that in midi regions).

Hope that helps anyone 😉

File should be put in: /Users/username/Music/Audio\ Music\ Apps/Plug-In\ Settings/Scripter



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Thanks Altar! That is amazing. I was trying to reverse engineer how to make a script, but this ain't html. I'm over my head. I'll do some research on how to do this, since it seems pretty powerful.

Thanks again!

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