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Hosting sites?

Beer Moth

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You'd need a Myspace Music account, I think. It's different than the default user kind.


Can't say that I have much experience with Myspace either.


You could get a cheap hosting account from a place like GoDaddy - doesn't mean it will be great though.

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yeah...ditto to the guy above me. i like soundclick ALOT more than myspace.


myspace IS A NECESSITY, but soundclick's player is MUCH better and runs more consistently.


check out my signature if you want. i have both and i use both.


although, myspace just opened up to more songs.......finally! only took them a couple years! hehehe.




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I help people who just need some place to put their songs online with as little trouble as possible. I run my own Linux webserver and have some massive bandwidth and free hard drive space. I can make you an FTP account .


If you're interested, I'm free and we can see what I can do to help you

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