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Using Headphones and Sonicworks for mixing - tips?


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Hi, I am using Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro as part of mixing.  I am not sure how to deal with the inherent level difference that the Sonorworks plugin introduces.  The way I have things set up now is I have tracks going to a MixBus. Then that Mixbus going to an Aux, and then that Aux as input to a Phones bus and a Speakers bus. Those then output to my stereo output.  Sound interface is BabyFace Pro.

I mute the Speakers bus when listening through headphones, and the Stereo output tends to be several dB less than the MixBus output, since Sonorworks is applying some reduction via its EQ adjusting.

Should I just raise the Phones bus to have it be fairly close to the MixBus output level?


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Sonarworks has a setting called Safe Headroom that will adjust the output of the plugin up or down by whatever the equalization is applying (though it always seems very safe in that it lowers the output by quite a bit more than required). You can disable Safe Headroom and adjust the output within the plugin to the level you'd like. Is that something you've tried?

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