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Mint Second Hand M1 Pro or M2 Pro straight from the Apple website?

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Hi everyone,

I can see that this is something that's been discussed alot here. But I just felt att wanted to see if I can get some clarity. I am going to invest in a new Macbook Pro, finally. From what I've read and heard the M1 Pro chip is the sharpest option, even compared to the newer M2 Pro. My question is the following;

If I were to chose between a second hand Macbook Pro M1 Pro with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage in mint condition or a M2 with the same specs straight from apples website, which one would be the best alternative?

My aim is to find a computer that will let me work in peace with heavier projects in Logic Pro and Pro Tools without having things crashing on me due to CPU overload. 

All the best,


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the M2 is an improvement over the M1, but it's an incremental step forward, not a huge leap.

either machine should serve you well. i use my M2 mini with logic and final cut, and no issues with either (yet!) plus (bonus!) i have not heard the fans once (coming from my intel imac, that's huge)...

i always prefer 'newer, faster', but doubt you'll see much difference in day-to-day use. so compare prices, specs, ports, etc... and go for it 👍

(& see what others suggest here, it's a great community)

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13“ or 14“/16“? 

If the latter, what are the specs on the processors? There are different versions. 

the M1 Pro has two efficiency cores, while the M2 Pro has four. 

this means that the 10-core M1 Pro has two more performance cores (8) than the 10-core M2 Pro (6) and is probably slightly faster in total for Logic usage. 

The 12-core M2 pro is going to be faster than the 10-core M1, as well as having a faster neural engine and faster graphics, HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5.3, improved battery life (due to more efficiency cores). And of course the colour-matched MagSafe plug. 😉

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