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izotope plug in and logic pro x compatibility problems.


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My issue is that after using the Izotope Plug-ins to successfully mix some great songs, I reach a point where I can not bounce my projects, nor play them or continue to edit them. Logic freezes and I am forced to "Force Quit" and it has stalled a lot of my work and is extremely frustrating. Is this remotely similar to anything this forum is experienced? 

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Ventura 13.2.1/ Apple M1 MAX/ logic 10.7.7 and the plug-ins are mainly Nectar and Neutron. I am getting the "disk too slow" from time to time with a 32 gigs of memory. I mixed at the highest buffer range and had apple tell me that this computer should be able to handle everything I throw at it. I am not even working with a lot of channels.

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check with izotope, you probably want to run the previous version of nectar (am running 3.3.0 without issue; the latest one was not stable for me). but again, email izotope, let them know the issues, and your configuration. not sure about neutron, ask about that.



just an eye-roll moment: am actually running nectar 3.7.0 (still not the latest); the plugin & installer show that number, izotope's product portal says 3.3.0. it IS 3.7.0... and that's what you want. they should link you to an installer...

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1 hour ago, emcmuzic said:

Do ya'll think that having Ozone 9 and 10 could be creating the problem? I was in my portal gather ing the info to send an email to Izotope when this thought hit me. 

i kept ozone 9 for a while, without issues (running 10 in logic); don't think that should be an issue.

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48 minutes ago, johnnytucats said:

iZotope doesn't sacrifice plugin quality for CPU efficiency.

Another way of saying that is: their nice plugins can be CPU hogs.

i use nectar 3 regularly for vocal doubling and background harmonies. i often use the ozone 10 maximizer as a 'test mastering' plugin as i'm working (please don't tell me all the reasons why that's not ok), in it's low latency mode.

i save most izotope plugins (ie the RX stuff), for mixing, because of the latency. but they're all (for me) essential. and the mastering suite, in logic, is incredible.

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