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Quick Sampler crossfade marker, not seeing it

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I'm in Lesson 5, 'Looping Sample Playback to Sustain Sound', step 12.  I'm in CLASSIC mode, I'm not seeing the crossfade marker (thing the book's red arrow is pointing to.  Here's a screenshot of the book at that point):



Here's what I'm seeing in Logic. Is there a common mistake I'm making?  Thanks!  I'm in Logic 10.7.7.



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2 minutes ago, JohnnyHands said:

the X button in the book looks different because the mouse cursor (a less-than greater-than keys looking cursor) is right over the X.

Yes, that's exactly what you're seeing on my screenshot indeed. 

You're welcome, don't hesitate to ask any other questions about the book in this forum! 🙂 

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16 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

The button with the "X" (at the bottom right of the yellow shaded waveform) is your crossfade marker handle. Drag that to the left. 

the "less-than-greater-than cursor" could have been written more simply as the <> cursor.  That's the cursor directly over the X button in the book's screenshot.

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