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Has Anyone Tried the Nuances MIDI Controller?

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I'm wondering if anyone has purchased or tried the Nuances MIDI Controller? https://nuancescontroller.fr/

A composer whose opinion I respect seems to prefer it over the Monogram Creative Console kit for automation/modulation: https://monogramcc.com/

I've had my eyes on the Monogram for awhile but honestly, I'd rather give my money to a working composer in France who makes useful gadgets for fun over some Santa Cruz startup charging premium $$$ just to look cool on an Apple Store shelf.

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21 hours ago, fdco said:

I bought one a year ago.

Works great, no problem.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I've been using the KORG nanoSeries controllers for awhile and I'm really looking forward to a controller with a long, smooth throw that will last and won't require excessive editing of automation & CC data. 

Have you played Chapman Stick for awhile? I got deep into King Crimson when Discipline came out as a high school freshman. A friend from school had a Stick (he also got a DX-7 the month it came out) and over the course of senior year I taught myself "Elephant Talk" and Peter Gabriel's "I Don't Remember" because I'm a big Tony Levin fan. I played bass, stick, zither & guitar in the Blue Man Group's band for a short time and most of the stick parts were super unconventional - like scraping a bass guitar string across the strings to drone harmonics, unconventional tunings and using an eBow through stomp box delays & reverb. Man, I loved working with such creative, anything-goes musicians. </digression> 


P.S. I haven't actually played a Chapman Stick since that gig in 1999, but I'd like to think that the songs I actually learned would come back to me rather quickly. 

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