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Thoughts on this MacBook Pro

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I have 16GB in my 16 M1 Pro MBP, and I use it for *everything*. In the last year, I don't think I would have had any different experience in my workflow if I had 32GB (ie, I haven't found 16GB particularly limiting any of the things I've needed to do). The machines, with their fast SSDs, are amazing. 32GB is not really a limiting factor, unless you plan on possibly doing movie scores with hundreds of tracks and huge sample library orchestral templates.

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Another thing that you should add to your "shopping list" from the outset is: one or more USB-C "SSD" hard drives. (Buy a "hub" to let you plug multiple devices into one socket.)  You can use this not only for "Time Machine" continuous backups, but also for "unlimited storage space" for anything else you need. (For instance, you can relocate your entire "music library" there ...)

The built-in SSD hard drives might simply be "too small," but with this simple strategy it just no longer matters. Very-capacious(!) drives are dirt-cheap at any office supply store: reformat them for MacOS using "Disk Utility" and away you go.

(You will need to instruct Time Machine to ignore your library files and most other things on the various external drives, so that it does not consume drive space redundantly.)

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3 minutes ago, analogika said:

The Max offers no benefit over the M2 Pro for Logic at this time — I’d opt for the Max only if video is a major part of your use-case and invest in RAM or storage capacity in its stead. 

Thanks, analogika. I've bought it now but interesting to know. At least I've taken the overkill route, albeit, unknowingly. 

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