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Going nuts - I think, anyway

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I seem to remember in EXS24 that you could load "sample parameters" from the WAV file in case they happened to get out of sync between exs24 and the file itself.

I'm pretty sure I'm not explaining it well, so here's another try: 

It seems to me that in Sampler, you can program the sample start and loop points for a sample in a zone. Those changes you apply *could* get out of sync from what originally was programmed in the WAV file - for both start point and loop points. What I seem to remember in EXS24 was that you could "reload" those parameters from the WAV file again from a menu within EXS24, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

Or, it's also possible that this is a function within Kontakt only, and I'm mixing things up.

So, am I crazy, or forgetful, or confused, or all of the above.

Thanks for any guidance.

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Okay, so not going nuts, but I could use advice on a solution. 
From the EXS24 manual PDF:
"Update Selected Zones info From Audio File"

This is what I'm looking for - can Sampler do this? Has the function been renamed?


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I can't see any way to do this currently. Suggest it as a feedback, because it is a useful feature.

I tried a few things, like changing the loops, and reloading the same audio file in the zone, but it didn't reset the parameters.

So it looks like this was something that was not re-implemented in the Sampler editor windows.

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