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Original Soundtracks 100 Playlist on Apple Music

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Thanks, Lagerfeldt.

Blade Runner!!! Complete genius on Vangelis' part, in my humble opinion.  I still listen to the soundtrack to this day. 

'They Live' didn't make it to the list...your sig? 😁

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Absolutely, in fact Blade Runner has the highest number of worthy/hit tracks out of all original scores, IMHO. I listen to the 1994 CD all the time.

No wonder you like Blade Runner with that username, haha 😄

From "They Live" I didn't find any must-have tracks. Maybe I'll give it another listen, but every time I find something new, something else must go from the list.

Only track I'm really missing is "Skyline" by Sylvester Levay from Cobra. Doesn't seem like it's on Apple Music. Maybe Airwolf also, pretty iconic 80s theme, but also missing from Apple Music.

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Vangelis and Bernard Herrmann to start things off... nice!

I only got into John Carpenter in recent years - films and the scores - but both Assault On Precinct 13 and Escape From New York have amazing synthy themes. That said, I'm listening to the main theme from "Assault..." as I write this. It's so simplistic and not entirely impressive in a certain way, but slotted into the film from whence etc, and yow!

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